What is Working with Children Check (WWCC)?

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a screening process that examines serious criminal charges, offences, findings of guilt and professional conduct determinations and findings related to the safety of children across a person’s lifetime.  

If you pass your WWCC, your check is valid for five years unless the department suspends or revokes it. The Check enables you to lawfully do child-related work for any organisation.  

Who needs a WWCC in Pony Club?

Any person over the age of 18yrs who:

  • regularly attends Pony Club activities
  • volunteers or works at a Pony Club
  • coaches at Pony Club at any time
  • officiates at Pony Club

Definition of "regular"

For the purpose of definition  “regular’ and ‘regularly” shall be deemed to mean three or more times over a twelve month period. 

Who does not need a WWCC in Pony Club?


The following don't need to have a WWCC check in Pony Club:

  • competition spectators & riders
  • come & try supporters
  • persons under the age of 18yrs

How does the WWCC work?


When you register with WWCC you should record on your WWCC profile all the organisations you work for or volunteer with.  If your check is suspended or revoked all organisations you have listed as volunteering or working with will be informed of your changed status.

Nominate Pony Club Victoria

When you register with WWCC you must nominate Pony Club Victoria and the club(s) you are volunteering or working for.  When you register with WWCC you get a profile and you can access this profile to add organisations you volunteer and work with.

Requirement for teachers to notify WWCCV of child-related work

All teachers and early childhood teachers registered with VIT must notify Working with Children Check Victoria (WWCCV) of any child-related work they do outside of their teaching in a school or early childhood service, regardless of whether it is paid or voluntary work. If a teacher’s VIT registration is suspended or cancelled, WWCCV may notify the relevant organisations that the teacher exemption no longer applies.

A registered teacher who does child-related work- other than teaching in a school or early childhood service- must notify WWCCV of this work by completing the Teacher notification form.

Go to the Teacher notification form

What is MyCheck?

As a cardholder you have obligations to maintain your information with WWCC.  MyCheck enables you to change your contact details update the organisations you volunteer with, reporting missing cards, update volunteer to paid status and other 

Find out more about your obligations as a cardholder

WWCC vs Police Check?

Wondering what the difference is between Working with Children Checks and Police Checks? 

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