What is Event Manager?

Event Manager enables Pony Club Victoria to provide a statewide calendar for everyone to use and a FREE online event registration portal for Clubs and Zones to use!

Where can I find the State Calendar?

The state calendar can be found in all sorts of places!

  1. Under the FIND EVENTS tab on the ponyclubvic website
  2. In MyPonyClub member profiles under EVENTS, Available Events
  3. On the MyPonyClub splash screen
  4. In the Club and Zone MyPonyClub portals under EVENTS, State Event Calendar

How do I register my event in MyPonyClub Event Manager

  1. Log into MyPonyClub Club Administration
  2. Go to Events Management tab
  3. Go to Create an Event
  4. Fill in the fields, some are required and must be completed.  The fields with the * asterisks must be completed.
    1. Event Name - the name of your event
    2. Official | Unofficial | Coaching (generally events are Official if competitions and Unofficial if non competitive events)
    3. Event Type - State Events, State Qualifiers, PC only competitions, PC/Open competition
    4. Discipline - Which discipline(s) this will make available grades and classes
    5. Age Ranges - You can apply age ranges, this will show on the event entry screen
    6. Grades - You can apply grades this will show on the event entry screen
    7. Dates for the start and finish of your event plus approx times
    8. Dates for start and finish of registration plus times
    9. You can set a Late Entries date and apply a fee for late entries
    10. Tick the box to include in the Calendar
    11. Tick the box to enable spectators to sign up to your event.  This can produce tickets, charge a fee, enable spectators to purchase merchandise for the event and could be used for luck door entries.
    12. Tick the box if you DON'T want to use the online registration process through MyPonyClub Event Manager
    13. Tick the box if you are allowing One Day Club Memberships to your event
    14. Entry Fee - this needs either to be $0 or apply a price
    15. Late Entry Fee - if charging a late entry fee it goes here
    16. Is this event refundable - if using the online registration system leaving this box ticked will enable you to refund participants however all funds are kept on hold until you instruct the system to close your event.
  5. Once all required information is complete click CONTINUE
    1. If you have chosen not to use the FREE online registration system make sure you go to the description page in your event and make the landing page attractive, you can also put booking links on this page!
      To get back to your Event go to Events Management > My Events and click on UPDATE.  

Event URL ... what is it? Where do I find it?  Why would I want it?

  • WHAT - the Event URL helps people find your registration screen, you can use it on social media on websites, behind weblinks and QR Codes
  • WHERE - You find the Event URL by getting to your event set up screen, it is the blue link at the top of the page.  
  • WHY - use this link to make finding your event easier for those who may want to attend.

Want to use the Online Registration System?

Clubs should consider using the Event Registration system.  Why?

  • The system is FREE!
  • Your Club will have a record of attendance for now and future committees
  • Your Club will have participation figures over time
  • Your Club will be able to email participants
  • Your Club will be able to email past participants
  • Your Club can direct members to results easily
  • Your members will have a history of the events they attend
  • You can sell merchandise to participants and event spectators
  • You can ask questions of your participants
  • The system will tell you if attendees are current members, are suspended or have had an injury suspension (such as concussion)
  • Payments are easier to get and track, less headaches for your Treasurer!

How do I use the Online Registration System?

Instruction Manual can be found here

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