Are you horse crazy?  Would love to get into Pony Club?  

Come & Try is the best way to see if a Club fits you.  

Click here to find your local Pony Club and ask to Come & Try! 

What is involved? 

Come and Try is normally conducted at the Pony Club rally.  Apply for the Come & Try online with MyPonyClub (make sure you talk to the Club first).  If you want to become a full member you can UPGRADE your membership to a full riding member at a later date. 

Who can do it?

Come and Try sessions are available for any individual who would like to try out Pony Club. The Riding Memberships on offer at each Pony Club may differ so make sure to contact the Club to clarify what is on offer. 

Any pre-requisites? 

Talk to the Club first - usually the Secretary or District Commisioner - so that they know to expect you. Participants generally must have a horse.  Some Clubs may offer a non owners opportunity to try Pony Club or conduct Riders without Horses programs, have a chat with your local Pony Club to find out more!

If you are already a Pony Club Victoria member attending another club - then you're a Visiting Rider.





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