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All open section participants defined in the By Laws must sign a Public Liability Declaration form to cover the duration of the competition/activity. These include but are not limited to clinics and workshops.
Non Pony Club members (other than those exempted by the PCV Insurers) must pay a day participation fee as specified on the Day Participation form for each day of participation/competition.
Day Participation have neither personal accident insurance nor membership and nobody may promise any insurance, other than as described on the appropriate forms.

Public liability insurance is extended to open sections and non-pony club members, providing:
i. Each participant completes the PCV Public Liability - Day Participation form.
ii. Non-pony club members (refer By Lawsfor definitions) pay the scheduled fee detailed on the form.

The organising committee must remit the Day Participation Forms or Remittance Summary form, with the fees, to the PCV state office within seven days after the activity.


    Day Participation Form 2019/2020


    Day Remittance/Summary Form












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