The Handbook of By Laws is the primary source for Pony Club Victoria (PCV) rules from which the various competition rules emerge.

The Handbook of By Laws serves two main purposes:

  • To provide rules outside of the Rules of Incorporation (PCV Purposes and Rules book) about the requirements for how Pony Club is to be organised, and membership and competition requirements.
  • As an addition to the Competition Rules

How often are these rules reviewed?

These rules are reviewed annually.

Who should read the Handbook of By Laws?

Everybody! - Riders, Parents, Club & Zone Committees, Event Organizers. Don't rely on your memory, refer to the Rules!

What changed in this version?

A Summary of Rule Changes for 2020 can be found here

Where can I get a copy?

You can click on the Handbook of Bylaws to download a copy or order one from the MyPonyClub Member Store.

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