COVID-19 UPDATE | 27 MARCH 2020 – Pony Club Meetings & AGM’s

Pony Club Victoria’s (PCV) primary concern is the safety of our members and the wider community.

Pony Club Victoria is closely monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19 and working to support the measures implemented by the government and health authorities to keep the community healthy.

We wish to stress the importance of members, zones, clubs and event officials listening to the directives from government and health authorities who are best placed to implement measures to manage this current public health concern of COVID-19.

Under the Associations Incorporations Act 2012 pg65 s79 Use of technology at committee meetings

“The committee of an incorporated association may hold meetings, or permit members of the committee to participate in meetings by using any technology that allows members to clearly and simultaneously communicate with each participating member.”

A club’s Rules of Incorporation will outline how meetings can be conducted this will include committee meetings and annual general meetings.  If your Rules of Incorporation were updated in 2012 they will likely include the capacity to use electronic means to conduct a meeting.  However, in the absence of any mention of technology in your current Rules of Incorporation then it is reasonable to defer to the model rules. Landers and Rogers, who are the leading lawyers for sport, recommend meeting by electronic means during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pony Club Victoria advises the following regarding committee meetings:

  • No face to face meetings may be held until further notice this includes state, zone and club meetings

  • may be conducted via video group chat, voice group chat or a collaborative typing space.

Pony Club Victoria advises the following regarding Annual General Meetings:

  • should be delayed where possible.  AGM’s need to be held within 5mths of the end of your financial year. Consumer Affairs Victoria will be providing more information regarding concessions for AGM’s and lodging reports in line with that already advised by ASIC.

  • can be held by electronic means, particularly if written into your current Rules of Incorporation.  Video chat would be a more appropriate mechanism to enable people to be actively involved in this meeting.

  • Papers that need to be read should be circulated with the agenda.

Google hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, House Party and so many more platforms exist to create both video, voice or typed meeting spaces.  Many of these products work well you can also search on the internet for collaborative meeting apps or click here for more options or try this link!

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