PCV COVID-19 | 20 MARCH 2020 - State Office, Training & Meetings


As of Monday 23 March 2020, a few changes will be made to how the state office operates, with a view to keep the office staff healthy and being able to continue to provide services to our members during the COVID-19 health situation. The best news is these changes will not really be noticeable to the outside world!

PCV office staff will be working in and out of the office until the COVID-19 situation becomes more predictable.

  • Staff will continue to be accessible by phoneby phoning the current office number 8685 8925and electronic communication via current email addresses whilst in and out of the office and this will be seamless to those seeking information.
  • Shop orders and membership cards will continue to be processed and sent.
  • Face to Face service will be the only service to stop until further notice

These measures are to keep the office staff healthy and in the event of a staff member becoming ill we hope these measures will mean not all staff are unwell at the same time.


NCAS Training & Assessment and MyPonyClub training is currently under review. Communication around whether we conduct face to face training will be made as we navigate this public health situation. Various options are being considered to enable training over the next few months as it is a very good time to up skill our volunteer workforce. We will keep you informed as we develop the best way to deliver this.


All sessions are currently under review. Links to book will be advertised shortly and we encourage you to book if you are interested. Communication about directions of these sessions will be easier if we know who is interested.

  • 9 MAY 2020 – NCAS TRAINING |Ballarat PC (BZ)
  • 23-24 MAY 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Bairnsdale (EGZ)
  • 6-7 JUN 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Warrnambool PC (WZ)
  • 13 JUN 2020 – NCAS TRAINING | Healesville PC (NMZ)
  • 20-21 JUN 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Loch-Nyora PC (WZ)
  • 28 JUN 2020 – NCAS ASSESSMENT | Deniliquin
  • 11 JUL 2020 – NCAS TRAINING | Hurstbridge PC (NMZ)
  • 25 JUL 2020 – NCAS ASSESSMENT | Wyena PC (NMZ)
  • 15-16 AUG 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Central Zone (Venue TBA)
  • 22-23 AUG 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Mountain District PC (SMZ)
  • 21-22 NOV 2020 – NCAS TRAINING & ASSESSMENT | Midland Zone


All sessions are currently under review, people who are interested in these sessions are encouraged to book and directions will then be given as decisions are made about training.

  • 4 APR – Benalla
  • 2 MAY – Bendigo
  • 16 MAY – Geelong
  • 30 MAY – Bairnsdale


Zones and clubs are advised to avoid meetings particularly those of significant numbers such as Annual General Meetings. Postponing meetings until further notice is recommended.

Where practical or possible use electronic meeting methods.

In line with this recommendation the scheduled meeting of the clubs to update members on PCV Governance progress due to be conducted in April will not occur. Clubs will be updated in due course when this meeting will occur.

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