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Riding Member

Membership Benefits

  • Structured Rally program to aid learning 
  • Quality group coaching by qualified coaches
  • Structured competitions and activities
  • Supportive Club environment 
  • National Certificate program to develop horse knowledge and riding skills
  • Pathways to elite riding through National Championships and International exchanges
  • Pathways to careers through Efficiency Certificate program, Ride To Time program and other rider development initiatives
  • 24/7 Insurance Personal Accident and Personal Liability

Types of Riding Memberships

  • Full Riding Member (Junior  |  Associate)
    Full riding members are eligible to receive all above mentioned benefits.

  • Full Riding Member (Adult)
    Full riding members (Adults) are eligible to receive all above mentioned benefits where the club supports this membership except for participation in State and National Championships or International exchanges.

  • Come & Try
    Come & Try members are eligible to recieve public liability insurance on the day they Come & Try the Club.  All other benefits are not extended.

  • Day Attendance
    Day Attendance is extended to individuals who are not members of Pony Club, this style of membership registers them as a participant at any one event and extends the individual public liability for the day.


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