How do I join Pony Club?

Riding Members need to be a member of a local Pony Club.  

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What is the minimum age to join Pony Club?

You can join Pony Club Victoria at any age, however each Club may have age restrictions based on their purpose as a Club and capacity to provide you with a great learning experience.  To find if a club can cater for your child them a call or visit their website.

Can I be a member of more than one Pony Club?

You can't be a member of more than one Pony Club?  How ever you can visit a club as long as the DC or each club is happy for you to visit.  

Can I join Pony Club as an Adult?

Adult riders are welcome at Pony Club Victoria, however each Pony Club will determine if it offers an adult riding membership category.  

Can I "Come & Try" Pony Club?

Pony Club's will offer a Come & Try opportunity.  A fee for this will apply.  It is best to contact the Club to find out how you attend as a Come & Try.

Do I need a horse to join Pony Club?

To join, most Pony Clubs require that a rider has their own horse however some clubs will conduct "Riders without Horses" programs that will enable you to join the club as a non horse owner.  Or you can become a Centre Member with Pony Club as well.

What is MyPonyClub?

MyPonyClub is Pony Club Australia's national database enabling members manage their own data, renew memberships online, find and enter events online, manage horses.  It enables Clubs to keep gradings and certificates and improves the data recording and communications across the organisation.




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