Award of Merit

  • 10 June 2019
  • Author: Suanne Waugh
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Award of Merit


The Award of Merit is the highest State Award for Service to Pony Club by a member aged between 19 - 26 years.  

This award recognises the commitment of young members to their Club on an administration or in a voluntary work capacity.  

Service means carrying out tasks that benefit the club, its members and perhaps the wider community. 

Service does not include riding ability or competing in teams. 

To be eligible to receive the award a nominee must: 

be a financial riding or non-riding member of a Pony Club for at least three years and have attended rallies as often as possible during that time. 

be a helpful, considerate and courteous member of the Pony Club to all involved with the Club be well presented, taking pride in their Club uniform and conducting themselves in an exemplary manner at all times. 

undertake tasks that benefit the Club, its members and perhaps the wider community undertake service as described above, with the Pony Club for a minimum of two years. 

not have received this award previously Award of Merit Nomination Form (PDF)  

Process for nomination: Clubs must decided that a rider has given outstanding service to their Club and support the reasons for nomination. Forms are submitted to Zone Committees for ratifying Zones forward all nominations to the State for acceptance or rejection by the 31st July annually. 

For more information refer to the By Laws


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